Sit On Peanut Shaped Balance Bumpy Ball (Blue)


  • Material:Rubber
  • Height:100 mm
  • Length:500 mm
  • Width:180 mm
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The Sensory Sit On Peanut Roll 'saddle-like' seat provides stability, comfort and confidence. The Sensory Sit On Peanut Roll allows users of every age to sit comfortably.

The unique shape of the Sensory Sit On Peanut Roll allows a child to concentrate on activities that might otherwise be somewhat difficult on a traditional sit-on ball. If a child chooses to sit astride the Sensory Sit On Peanut Roll, it can be a good play position and strengthens the hips and the trunk.

The Sensory Sit On Peanut Roll can offer a great range of sensory activities - rolling on the tummy, rolling forwards on to the hands, weight bearing and shoulder strengthening; ideal for any sensory play space!