Portable Midi Bubble Tube by Rompa



  • Sight
  • Touch: surface, vibration, temperature
  • Sound
  • 73cmH x 10cm diameter
  • Safety Always supervise the use of this product
  • Do not open the base of the bubble tube. Attempting to remove the base may damage the controls which protrude and make the base cover a tight fit..
  • Use the bubble tube on a flat stable surface.
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  • Portable Midi Bubble Tube column with base and white plastic base cover attached
  • Bubble Tube Cap (lid)
  • Make sure the bubble tube is working before filling it with water. Fill the bubble tube withclean water to within approximately 25mm from the top of the column.
  • Remove protective film from the outside of the bubble tube column.
  • Put bubble tube cap on top of the bubble tube.
  • Switch on the bubble tube.