Our Mission

  • To support children’s development through the extension of play opportunities
  • Provide a place for parents and carers to meet
  • Offer support for parenting and parental involvement in play
  • Act as a hub within the local community
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering and learning new skills

The Advantages of Borrowing:

Borrowing both indoor and outdoor toys means you can keep pace with your child’s development and gives your child the space to develop their interests and imagination without the expense and environmental impact of buying new toys.

Borrowing Allows You To:

  • Rent a number of items for a party, wedding, christening or activity day
  • Try before you buy
  • Use toys to help your child develop a particular skill
  • Encourage children to select their own toys and make choices
  • Have a different selection of toys for your guests when they come to stay