Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout – Multi Sensory ROMPA®


This delightful product is audible and visual.

Turn to hear the bells on the glowing perspex strips jingle as they move.

Strips have safety mirror on one side and fluorescent perspex on other.

The bright colours offer extra visual appeal.

Especially stunning under UV light, as the colours glow in the dark.

The Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout also promotes an understanding of cause and effect – an action (moving the central column) causes a reaction (movement and sound).  This gives the user control which is empowering and enjoyable.

ROMPA® has offered this resource for over two decades and it remains an extremely popular product. 

Always supervise the use of this product.


This product appears to be quite simple but it is multi-sensory and rewarding - a small touch of the product results in movement and sound.  The central column does not need much force to move and this doesn't need to be a specific movement (this can be gross motor movement and not a specific fine motor movement).  For no-fail, the column moves clockwise and anti-clockwise