Velvet Lycra Elastic (extra stretchy) Yellow (2) 5m


  • Suitable For 10-12 young children or 5-9 adults
  • Please check your Elastic regularly to make sure it is in good condition
  • Elastics have the potential to provide a chocking harzard. Please watch children at play
  • Please assure yourself your children are safe as they play
  • WASHING – These have been test washed these at 90º in a washing machine with good results. Normally we would suggest a cooler wash



  • these are like a giant scrunchie - it’s hard not to move when you have one in your hands
  • this velvet lycra is very, very stretchy - so this is the one to choose if you want maximum pulling, stretchy play, or you are connecting people up in a large space
  • fabulous support for follow-my-leader type activities so that every body can be the group leader  / move as they want or need
  • focuses family group movement play - everyone can join in from babes to grandparents
  • excellent for Circle Time in early years or primary settings, creating a great focus whilst at the same time supporting those who want, or need to move a little to stay on track
  • connect people up between the big chairs in care home lounges and supports movement activity
  • 3m: For families and small groups
  • 5m: For 10-12 young children or 5-9 adults
  • 7m: For 15 - 25 young children or 10-20 adults
  • Allow extra if you are working with older people in large chairs with gaps between; or with wheelchair users who may be more spread out

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