Teddy Bear Game – Orchard Toys


2 – 4 Players 


If you go down to the woods today you may stumble upon this delightful family of Teddy bears enjoying a picnic on a lovely summer's afternoon. They have spread a blanket out on the grass and their picnic hamper is loaded with all manner of tasty treats. As you put together this bright and cheerful puzzle you will find many things to talk about with your child; how many apples can you see on the tree? What is the bear on the right of the picnic hamper eating? What colour is the teapot? What creature is pictured on the jar of honey? What different fruits can you see in the hamper? Can you find something triangular? Talking about what you can see in the puzzle helps to expand your child's literacy skills. There are only 15 big chunky pieces in this shaped floor puzzle so it is perfect for young children.

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