Sensory Cuddle by ROMPA® – (Red)


Material Cleaning Guide

ROMPA® soft cushioning is made from high quality durable PVC (Vinyl), Polytran, Polyester or Faux Suede with a high grade of fire retardant soft foam. ROMPA® soft cushioning meets all European Standards for fire retardancy for the combined use of Vinyl/Polyester/Faux Suede and foam. If you look after your cushioning it will give you many years of service.

Please observe the following for all materials:

  • ?  Always supervise the use of resources.
  • ?  Organise a regular cleaning schedule.
  • ?  Vinyl will crack, tear and rub off if subjected to sharp objects or continual rubbing by hard objects.

    Remove shoes, and avoid buckles, zips or sharp/hard/pointed objects coming into contact with the


  • ?  Check seams regularly to ensure that these are not worn or split and the interior filling cannot be


  • ?  Wipe off accidental marks/liquids at the time they occur or are noticed.
  • ?  From time to time, if possible, lift floor cushion or move furniture to clean all surfaces and the floor



Specially designed bean bag cushion. Allows children to comfortably rest closer to bubble tubes or fibre optics.

With an adjustable opening to accommodate bubble tubes of different sizes or fibre optic harnesses (to be purchased separately). If using with bubble tubes larger than our Midi Bubble Tube, we recommend the use of a collar.

For children up to 10 years approximately.

Polyester. Size: 130 x 150cm

Additional information

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