Rainbow Semi Circles – 5 Piece Wooden – Little Star Toys


Recommended use with  6 piece stacking rainbow  to extend play.

  • Size – (Largest) 17.5cm x 8.8cm x 0.6cm
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5 piece rainbow semi circles, great for use by themselves or with any 6 piece stacking rainbow.
Stimulated Leaning - Our Rainbow semi circles encourage learning through doing. Sorting activities make your child aware of sizes. Creating shapes and patterns encourages creativity.
Expand Their Creativity - With the use of our semi circles your child can be even more creative with their 12 piece rainbow stacker. Use the semi circles to create dolls houses, theatre stages, fairy tale towers, there are many possibilities.
Open Ended Play - Designed to encourage a child's imagination and creativity through thoughtful, unhurried, creative play.



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