Paula Large Hand Puppet (Living Puppets)


  • Removable Jeans, Sandals & Ribbon.
  • Easy to use full mouth movement and hand access.
  • Suitable for Children 10 Months and above.
  • The hand puppet Paula 65 cm



The Living Puppets ® with a size of 65 cm are particularly easy for children and adults to use and easy to play with! The player, regardless of whether they are children or adults, plays on the doll with one of his hands through the entrance on the head (clamshell principle). With his other hand, the player can play on one hand of the doll at the same time. That way, it's really easy to create a series of funny facial expressions or imitate a conversation. Of course you can also put both hands in the arms and hands of the dolls to clap or do other tricks.
The large hand puppets are the absolute classic in the program and have enjoyed great popularity for many years with teachers, therapists, parents and most importantly: children. They impress with their authenticity and are an indispensable part of children's rooms.

The hand puppet Paula 65 cm W067 by Living Puppets® has light brown hair with a funny plait with a pink bow. Paula wears a pink top with a red heart, blue jeans with fringes and black and pink sandals. The trousers and the sandals can be taken off.  She is a fun girl full of energy and always ready for fun.  The mouth is easy to play with thanks to the "clamshell" principle. Entrance on the back of the head. All hand accesses are dimensioned so that the figure is equally playable for children and adults. - suitable for children from 10 months. - Size: 65 cm - washable at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle. To be on the safe side, the addition of "colored cloths" 

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