2 Horsey Hoppers


Two different coloured space hoppers, 2 different coloured Horse covers, 1 pump, whistle and flag. Ready, Steady, HOP!!!


Horsey Hoppers are a collection of small, bright inflatable animals that take bouncing to a whole different level. This item is very popular for children’s parties who are aged 6 years+ and are excellent fun for both spectator and competitor when used in a race.

The Horsey Hoppers have been created with long ears so that the children are able grip onto the equipment to steady their bounce.

Hire our Horsey hoppers and see all the children’s faces light up as they have loads of fun.  This classic inflatable has provided children and adults alike with hours and hours of fun with its simplicity or competitive values. Be honest whether you’re one or one hundred we all love Horsey hoppers.

Children and adults all love our brightly coloured Horsey hoppers whether they are just bouncing around or competing in an organised races; you won’t get board of this as its simply FUN.

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