Junior Scrabble Giant Floor Puzzle


Contents 49 Piece Puzzle (50x50cm), 26 Letter Tiles




The Junior Scrabble Giant Puzzle is more than just a regular floor puzzle... once the sturdy 49 piece puzzle is completed, children will have hours of learning fun with the special Scrabble activities.

Pairs - There are seven pairs of words that go together to find.

Living Things - Amongst all the different pictures on our Scrabble puzzle there are 10 different living creatures to find.

Alphabet Make-A-Word - Some of the words featured in the puzzle each have a letter missing. If you look closely, you will see that there are 26 - one for each letter of the alphabet. Use the special letter tiles that come with the puzzle to find the right letter for each blank space.

The answers are on the bottom of the box.

Contents of Junior Scrabble Giant Floor Puzzle :

49 Piece Puzzle (50x50cm), 26 Letter Tiles

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